Blossom Time

Spring Editing Tutorial / 15 Actions / 4 Digital Backdrops

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Basic photoshop knowledges are required to watch this video ( you have to be familiar with photoshop navigation, tools , layers and masks )!!!

This lesson includes :

1 . Detailed video tutorial in english ( 47 min. long )

2. 15 PS actions for faster editing work flow + Skin Blur Action

3. 4 blossom trees digital backdrops

In this video I will show you my tips and tricks how to add Painterly Look to your Outdoor Images + using my digital backdrops you can create similar compositing images full of magic!

You will learn: how prepare you image in CAMERA RAW for further detailed editing in PS .

We will work with the skin, add warm / sunny toning and volume to the image . For those who loves “earthy ” colors we will use “earthy toning” action , also I show how you can use my actions to achieve perfect skin color with lots of depth and detail and reduce magenta tones / oversaturated skin tone etc. , we will extract lots of details from the image, add perfect sharpness and much more!
At the end of the editing I show I few interesting presets from NIk Collection + a few tips how you can avoid using it .

After watching this video, you will be able create lots of magic youself !

You have to download the video to your desktop.
Lifetime Access!!!

Purchase is NON REFUNDABLE due tot he digital bature often he product
Video tutorial is COPY RIGHTED and CAN’T to be resold or gifted
I DON’T accept retuns , exchanges or cancellation

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