Girl with flowers

The video will be sent to your email MANUALLY WITHIN 24 HOURS.

The video is in english , 80 minutes, it includes editing part + actions + my personal dust /petals brush.

Basic photoshop knowledges are required to watch this video ( you have to be familiar with photoshop navigation, tools , layers and masks )!!!

In this video I will show you my adjustments and my favourite preset in CAMERA RAW .

You will learn: quickly get rid of skin imperfections, how to ” iron ” the clothes in PS, perfect dodge and burning, properly use digital texture, use masking tool in camera RAW to darken edges and lighten center, a few methods of beauitful toning of your image, add depth and dimension into your photos, add soft contrast to the image, add blur, my favorite method of perfect sharpening, you also will get my personal brush to add even more magic ( it can be used to add dust or petals ) and much more !

NO ADDITIONAL PLUGINS unsed in this video.

You have to download the video / actions / brush to your desktop.
Lifetime Access!!!

Purchase is NON REFUNDABLE due tot he digital bature often he product
Video tutorial is COPY RIGHTED and CAN’T to be resold or gifted
I DON’T accept retuns , exchanges or cancellations

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