Shabby Chic Birthday

The video will be sent to your email WITHIN 24 HOURS !!!!

The video is in english , about 45 min. long .Basic photoshop knowledges are required to watch this video ( you have to be familiar with photoshop navigation, tools , layers and masks )!!!

Original photo has been taken in natural light, model’s face and neck were full of shadows, using my editing techniques you will be able to achive soft and dreamy result.

We will use Camera RAW + Photoshop + Nik Collection plugin ( if you dont use it I I also show how you can avoid using additional plugins )

The video includes :

Camera Raw preset ( creamy birthday ).

You will learn: how to get rid of hard shadows on the face and neck, quick dodge and burn, use actions to remove undesirable skin tone , we will use gradient map for toning , we will use such Photoshop tool as color lookup ( I show my favorite presets ), we will matt our image to add more artistic finish, we will add final adjustments in Camera RAW , I will show how you can add more light to the face / whole image ,perfect sharpening and ( OPTIONAL ) I show a few of my favorite presets in Nik Collection and the alternative options if you don’t have plugins.

You will get :
– Editing tutorial
– “creamy birthday” camera raw preset
– quick editing actions set
– frequency separation action for perfect skin texture
– golden dust overlay .


You have to download the video to your desktop.
Lifetime Access!!!

Purchase is NON REFUNDABLE due tot he digital nature often he product
Video tutorial is COPY RIGHTED and CAN’T to be resold or gifted
I DON’T accept retuns , exchanges or cancellations

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