Xmas Room

The video will be sent to your email MANUALLY WITHIN 24 HOURS.
The video is in english, 40 minutes long.

Basic photoshop knowledge are required to watch this video ( you have to be familiar with photoshop navigation, tools , layers and masks )!!!

video included:

1 . Detailed video tutorial

2. 15 PS xmas actions for faster editing workflow

3. 10 xmas overlays

4. jpg image with our  lighting set up

You will learn: quick dodging / burning and perfect skin edit,  a few methods of warm toning of the image + 1 method of warm/cold split toning, a few methods of skin tone adjustments ( actions included ) , add depth and richness to red colors ( for example: curtains, backdrop etc. ), perfect sharpening, add magic using overlays and much more!

NO additional plug ins used in this video.

After watching this video, you will be able to create lots of magic yourself!????

You have to download the video to your desktop.
Lifetime Access!!!

Purchase is NON REFUNDABLE due to he digital battle often he product
Video tutorial is COPY RIGHTED and CAN’T to be resold or gifted
I DON’T accept returns, exchanges or cancellation

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