Spring / Easter mini sessions…..How Much is Your Time Really Worth?

Have you already started offering spring / easter mini sessions ? 🙂
Easter minis have become our most requested sessions after xmas minis!
This year we start offering them at least 2 months BEFORE EASTER.
Typically our clients tend to book a week or even a few days before Xmas /Easter and we have found a solution for this 🙂
We offer our sessions 2-2,5 months BEFORE the busiest times of the year  offering  EXTRA products for early bookings (for example : extra small prints / one big print for free etc. ) or discount voucher for their NEXT SESSION.
We always let our clients know : the closer we get to the busiest times the higher are the prices. This way we get a steady stream of bookings and new clients throughout the year.  
Our mini sessions cost about 70 % of regular sessions price. Let’s say your normal session length is about an hour. If you’re doing 20 minute mini-sessions, it’s not a third of the work of a full session. You still have to go through your entire workflow, prepare props for the shooting , clean everything after the shooting,  select and edit photos etc.!

So, value yourself and your time , don’t offer too cheap sessions, otherwise it will not be lucrative for your business, you will attract only cheap clients , work hard without weeekends and will not get proper remuneration + stress , exhaustion and burn out will also come along.  Instead of cheap prices, offer unique set ups , stand out as a professional photographer, be the best and maybe the most expensive photographer in your area ( why not ? ) .

Turn the clients into repeat clients putting them into a client email list and offer them exclusive products that nobody in your area does!

 If you want to impress your customers with post card looking images , you can check my editing tutorials here :



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