Summer Magic


The video is in english , about 1 hour long.

Yes, its much more simple to edit photos with perfect lighting , BUT sometimes ,especially in summer, you can take a few unexpected photos and despide strong sun and hard shadows you LOVE them 🙂

So this editing tutorial is especially for such cases . We will take maximum from our RAW file and next. in PS we will apply different tehniques to make the image soft, dreamy and painterly.

Last few minutes of the editing tutorial  will show you how you can quickly get rid of very hard shadows in a few minutes , still keeping skin natural texture !!!!!

Basic photoshop knowledges are required to watch this video ( you have to be familiar with photoshop navigation, tools , layers and masks )!!!

We will start our editing class by creating our own preset in CAMARA RAW  ( perfect for summer  images ) .

You will learn: quickly get rid of all distracting objects on your image, get read of skin imperfections, add matt finish to the image, get rid of hard shadows ( 3 methods ) , add magic toning to the image  , add beautiful blur to the image,  add magic luminosity  where its needed, perfect sharpening  and much more!

Together with this video you get : frequency separation action + 10 ” wheat field ” actions set +  5 ” wheat field ” digital textures + 2 magic overlays (sun rays + bokeh rays)  for FREE !

Image was edited WITHOUT additional plagins.

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