Family adventure in old rustic hut ( Czech Republic )

Welcome to the new year, my dears! ❤❤

In January we have visited wonderful old hut in Czechien Republic where we have taken lots of amazing images.

Preparation for our trip took me a few hours. I took 3 suitcases of my own props and have never regretted it. I have my own style and vision, so I prefer to take my own items to new locations . I took along hand made pillows,blankets, outfits , toys , lace and all that stuff made the hut even more magical and totally in my color scheme .

Lots of my customers ask where I find my outfits. Its very simple 🙂 I mostly knit/sew them myself or purchase in vintage second hand shops.

Our storytelling shooting have started in amazing vintage kitchen ( full of old utensils and with charming wood dining nook set ) . Kids were so excited to see something new that they did a great job ? I would say its much more complicated to shoot kids in the studio, in new surroundings they were excited to explore and shooting turned out great ??

For shooting in the kitchen I prepared 2 matching dresses . Both dresses were simple cotton wares purchased in usual local shop. Using white cotton lace I trasformed them into vintage looking pieces . All I did : sewed lace on the sleeves , pockets and the collar. For headbands I used pieces of lace and just tied a knot , its that easy but outfits instantly look so unique!

For the aprons I also used simple cotton piece of fabric . Here is the DIY ( I sewed my aprons without pockets ) :

As a short trip it was definetely interesting experince but for modern people living in such conditions would be extremly difficult. It was cold inside, especially in the morning , we tried to keep the stove burning all night but even so it was difficult to keep the whole hut warm at 4 a.m. , helped lots of clothes for kids and hot drinks 🙂 No internet at all, even mobile was also quite a challange ? Doors inside were sooo low that only kids could go in and out without havintg to bend them 🙂

Interesting facts : I have read that the doors in the huts were specially made low. There were two reasons for this.

1. Greetings from the hosts. The one who entered had to bend down – to bow to the house and its hospitable hosts.

2. Preservation of heat. When the door was opened, the heat from the house would not leave too quickly, if the threshold was made high, and the door itself – low.

The hut outside looked amazing as well, but we were unlucky with the weather . The weather was terrible all 3 days long, rainy and uncomfortably wet. So we went out for about 5-10 minutes and made a few photos with umbrella. Sincerelly, I was dissapointed, kids would not play in such teribble weather outside. But, as we came back home , I started experimenting with the editing , trying to add some magic to the grey uninteresting RAW files and I was sooo HAPPY when I succeed .
??? I have recorded ” winter evening ” editing tutorial for this and I am really proud of it!!! I am sure it will be useful for many photographers. ?? If you have some grey boring ( at first glance ) image , use my editing techniques and your image will look like a vintage illustration ??? ” Winter evening ” tutorial you can check here :

Winter evening – Pastell Studio (

“Vintage stove” video tutorial+ digital backdrop of the kitchen + my most used 18 photoshop actions you can find here :

Vintage stove – Pastell Studio (

“We are, as a species, addicted to story. Even when the body goes to sleep, the mind stays up all night, telling itself stories.” – Jonathan Gottschall, The Storytelling Animal


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