New Year 2022, new hopes, new dreams….

Last year we have set the goal to get published in one of our favorite photography magazines. Almost one year later my husband and I have achieved this goal 🙂  We got 2 cover photos in Xmas Edition in both our favorite magazines: Summerana Magazine and International Kid Magazine.

 It’s difficult to explain all our feelings. Last year was full of hard work, full of challenges, full of up and downs , especially trying to organize the life having 2 small kids . We have assisted to so many online workshops,  enhanced our knowledge and skills how to grow the business, got to know so many talented photographers from all over the world.

Today, we are so proud of our multiple publications and Xmas Cover Photo in International Kid Magazine, 28 award winning images in Baby Photo Awards, and of course Cover , Back Cover and interview in Summerana Magazine is an absolute cherry on the cake for us  🙂

But the happiest moment for us was a few days before New 2022 Year !!! We got our own printed magazins! We have been working on this projects since May 2021 and it was so much pleasure to see the final result !

This small achievements have inspired us to create more storytelling images and right at the beginning of 2022 we have already visited fabulous old country hut in Czech Republic . It was unique place, full of history and rustic charm. We have have taken lots of amazing images.

Next amazing storytelling shooting is booked for April in 17 century traditional Austrian hut! We just can’t wait to spend their unforgettable time with our kids. The wonderful mountain view is breathtaking and the fresh mountain air is something we are looking forward to. I have a feeling this will be a unique experience, and it would be nice to relax for a bit but also create some wonderful storytelling images.

Our biggest lesson of the last years was : never ever compare yourself and your work to the work of other photographers. This was our biggest mistake in the beginning. It’s fine to look for inspiration in others’ art but we will never be exactly the same as someone else, the main challenge is to find something appealing only to your soul, something really special that will make your work different and inspire others.


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